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Kale Co. Heating & Air Conditioning is the premier HVAC company to provide furnace installation services to many cities in the Quad Cities region. Whether you are coming into a new house or you need your old furnace to be replaced, Kale Co. can provide you with the installation services needed for improved comfort levels in your home. We use top-quality products to provide the best heating systems that you can depend on for a long time. When you choose Kale for furnace installation, you get the Kale 100% satisfaction guarantee. We are confident that you will be happy with our furnace installation services!

Why Kale Co.?

Kale Co. is proud to provide a Residential Energy Saver plan where we can provide maintenance to your system during the fall, getting you ready for the cold months ahead. Kale’s employees are highly skilled and eager to get to work on your furnace installation. We employ hard-working, smart, and extremely qualified technicians who can tackle any HVAC task put in front of them. Kale employees are:

  • York Factory Trained
  • York CCE (Certified Comfort Experts)
  • N.A.T.E certified in Heat Pumps, Furnace, A/C, and Air Distribution
  • OSHA certified
  • Forklift certified
  • Federal EPA Lead paint certified
  • Federal EPA refrigerant certified
  • We're member's of the S.A.V.E (system adjustment and verified efficiency) certification
  • Iowa Electrical Examining Board Certified
  • International Ground Source Heat Pump Association Accredited Installer
  • Iowa Department of Public Health Plumbing and Mechanical Systems Board
  • 410A refrigerant certified


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