Heating (Furnaces)

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York is the world's leading independent maker of heating and air conditioning equipment. When it's time to get comfortable, it's a good time to install a new, high-efficiency York furnace.

  • Up to 98% AFUE furnace: Single Stage, Two Stage and Modulating Variable Speed
  • 80% efficient, single stage and modulating furnaces.
  • Electric furnaces
  • LP furnaces
  • Garage hanging heaters and infrared heaters

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Air ConditioningYork Cooling Products

York offers a complete line of innovative, attractive, and energy efficient central air conditioning systems for homes and businesses. With a sleek, contemporary look, the Affinity™ Series is the only system on the market that gives you the choice of seven exterior colors, plus the latest technology on the inside.

  • Central air conditioning systems from 13 SEER to 18+ SEER
  • Central air conditioning systems with environmentally sound R-410A refrigerant
  • Heat pumps up to 18+ SEER provide cooling in the summer and heating in the winter
  • Dual fuel systems utilize heat pumps and high-efficiency furnaces for increased comfort and energy savings

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Ductless SystemMitsubishi HVAC Products

Mitsubishi Hyper Heat ductless ultra-high efficiency heat pump, heating and cooling systems.

  • Seer ratings into the 30+ range.
  • Inverter-driven compressors.
  • Split-zoning for precise temperature control and greater efficiency throughout a home or business.
  • Sleek indoor units blend into any room.
  • Ducted air handlers and ceiling mounted units are available now.

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 BoilersKale Co

We offer a complete line of cast iron and high efficient water boilers to heat any home or business.

  • Standard replacement boilers
  • High-efficiency boilers up to 98% AFUE


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Rooftop HVAC UnitsYork Rooftop HVAC Unit

York is the answer when a project calls for quality, high-efficiency commercial heating and cooling.
York equipment uses the latest technology to provide durability, efficiency, easy installation, and trouble-free operation—it's all packed into these compact units.

  • Units from 3 to 100 ton
  • Power ventilation and economizers for fresh air
  • Standard and high-efficiency units

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In-Floor Radiant HeatKale Co

High efficient boilers, coupled with in-floor radiant tubing, provide extraordinary comfort in the heating season.

  • In-floor radiant piping loops are installed on top of an insulation barrier and concrete is then poured over them. These loops will heat, which in turn heats the concrete floors, creating a warm floor in basements, garages, slab homes and, commercial buildings. They can also be used to melt snow on driveways and sidewalks.
  • In-floor radiant piping loops can also be installed in new or existing homes in the floor joists to heat the floor
  • In-floor radiant loops can also be easily zoned to provide separate operation for each room.

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Indoor Air Quality Product

Kale Company has partnered with York and Honeywell Corporation to provide the most advanced controls and indoor air quality products available.

  • Fresh air intake dampers
  • Phone access systems
  • Computer interfaces
  • Building integration systems
  • Heat recovery ventilation

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Other Products

Mobile Home Furnaces and Central Air Conditioning

Coleman is best known for their line of heating and air conditioning products. These systems are specifically designed for mobile homes. Standard codes prohibit the installation of regular residential heating equipment to be installed in mobile homes. Kale Company has trained and experienced technicians to handle any mobile home installation.

Kitchen Hoods and Exhaust

Kale Company offers a wide selection of kitchen hoods and custom-built hoods, as well as exhaust ventilators and make-up air units. Kale Company also provides custom-built Type I and Type II hoods and has specialty-trained technicians in the installation of kitchen exhaust and make-up air systems.

  • Removes excess heat in your home
  • Increases your property value 
  • Improves home air quality 
Industrial Exhaust and Smoke Ventilators

Top of the line industrial/commercial and residential, ventilation products can handle any small, medium, or large scale air moving requirement. Kale Company is equipped to handle all your air moving projects.

  • Increased worker productivity
  • Fewer equipment malfunctions 
  • Provides heat destratification 
Infrared Radiant Heaters

Kale Company works with many industry leaders such as Space Ray, Enerco, and Reznor in providing quality infrared heat for commercial and residential outbuildings, outdoor Bar/ restaurant areas, shops, large garages, warehouse storage buildings, and manufacturing plants. These systems provide radiant heat to the objects below, creating a very comfortable atmosphere and fuel-efficient operation.

  • A decrease in energy consumption 
  • Instant heat for your home 
  • Minimal maintenance needed
Geothermal Heating and Cooling Systems

Go Green with one of our select brands of Geothermal heating and cooling systems. 

  • Possible tax breaks and write-offs for federal and local taxes
  • Quiet systems that don't take up space in the yards 


Kale Company offers many types of chilled water systems and air-to-air chillers. At Kale, we have the training and experience to service and install your chiller system.

  • Water and air are used as a coolant instead of refrigerant
  • safer for families and people; fewer chemicals

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