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Kale Co. proudly provides radiant floor heating services. Radiant floor heating is an excellent option to improve the comfort of your home. This method of heating is clean, quiet, efficient, effective and cost-effective. Instead of forced air, heat comes from panels that are installed in floors, walls and ceilings. Steam or hot water pipes are placed behind walls and underneath floors where water is circulated through a closed loop system and heated. Our experienced professionals have provided a variety of radiant floor heating installations that people have come to love and rely on for their homes.

Radiant floor heatingBenefts Of In-Floor Heating

Hydronic in-floor heating is the most popular and cost-effective method of radiant floor heating. Tubing is installed in a pattern under the floors to maximize the coverage of the space. Water is heated through a boiler and then pumped throughout the tubing. 

This is an extremely effective method of heating because it eliminates duct losses. Radiant floor heating systems are heated up to roughly 84 degrees whereas furnaces are cranked up much higher to deliver the right temperature by the time the air enters your living spaces. 

Additional Benefits of Heated Floor Systems

  • This method is much quieter than forced air heating systems. The quiet water pump leaves you with a silent, warm home.
  • Radiant floor heating is also allergy friendly as no dust is directly produced from this heating method. 
  • Consistent temperature and heating can be expected with radiant floor heating. Since warm air rises, there is a consistent spread of warm air that projects upwards evenly throughout all the rooms with floor heating. 
  • Every time your forced air system kicks on, your furnace sucks the humidity out of your home, this dries out the air, leaving dry, irritated skin. Radiant floor heating prevents this.
  • Radiant floor heating is also scalable. This is a great option for those who do not want to jump all in and get installation all over the home at once. You have flexibility in determining which rooms you want heated.

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