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Having a pool dehumidifier installed is essential for maximizing your energy efficiency. It takes a lot to make sure your indoor pool area is properly ventilated with good clean air.  When your pool warms to swimming temperature, moisture is released into the air. This air is typically not only very humid but is laden with chlorine and/or bromine disinfectants. This means everything within the room will be in contact/exposed to these chemicals. 

Aside from air that contains chemicals from the pool water, having extreme levels of moisture in the air will cause a higher chance of mold and mildew growth. This can cause health risks and even structural problems. Kale Co. proudly provides pool dehumidification systems so you can have a properly ventilated pool facility. 

Reduce Energy Costs

Our pool dehumidification systems can also help regulate the temperature of the pool room, allowing your heating and cooling systems to change the air to the desired temperature, essentially eliminating the influence of the outside air. Using a dehumidification system gives your heating and cooling systems a break because of the reduced moisture content and the need to work hard to change the air from outside. Additional benefits include: 

  • Better control and room stabilization
  • Ability to use latent heat to heat your spa/pool area
  • Air that feels cooler in the summer even if the temperature is held constant

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