Mobile Home AC Services

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Do you need mobile home AC installation, repair, or maintenance? Kale Co is here for you! In comparison to residential AC systems, mobile home air conditioning systems require different codes to be met when installed. We use the most efficient air conditioning systems for your mobile home and adhere to the requirements for mobile HVAC. 

We approach mobile home AC services diligently due to the compact design of the home to begin with. These homes typically are maximizing space everywhere else, therefore sacrificing space for utilities. Mobile homes generally have a forced-air unit due to the lack of crawl or attic space. For optimal service, we usually need to install these systems while the home is being assembled.

Why Choose Kale Co.

We are qualified to make these kinds of installations and repairs for your mobile home’s AC systems. Since 1980, we have provided high-quality air conditioning services to countless mobile homes in the area. We also have:

  • 24-7 emergency service availability
  • Warranties
  • Free estimates
  • Factory-trained employees
  • And more

When you choose us for mobile home AC services, you get a friendly, courteous staff that is highly experienced and happy to help!

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