Chilled Water Systems

Businesses in towns in Illinois and Iowa can now benefit from the impeccable services offered the HVAC company, Kale Co. For those of us looking for experienced technicians in installation, repair and maintenance of chilled water systems, Kale Co is the best option in this field. The company can be trusted having over four decades of experience in providing heating and cooling solutions for buildings.

Chilled water systems use water instead of air to cool a building. The water will absorb heat and disperse it outside. The chiller system will need to pump the heated water outside and continue with this process until the desired optimum temperatures are attained. Chilled water systems can be used in factories, shopping malls, hotels, apartments, and homes too. Kale Company has gathered expertise in installing and servicing chiller systems.

During the hottest days of the year, cooling your premises is paramount. This will ensure comfort and convenience to continue operations despite the unfriendly weather. Kale Co. has built an unmatched reputation in service delivery by providing repair, installation and maintenance services with speed and accuracy. We offer many types of chilled water systems. What's more our experts will help you choose the best model of a chiller system that will cool your premises in an energy-efficient way.

Kale Co. offers services 24 hours a day, every day of the week, throughout the year. For businesses, this means no interruptions in service delivery. When it comes to pricing, we have optimized our prices to ensure they are budget-friendly and economical. To ensure safety of your equipment and business, we have trained professionals well-equipped to deal with all models. Our chiller systems come with a warranty not just from the manufacturer but also from us. We will offer you additional extended equipment and labor warranties to supplement the manufacturer's warranty so that your needs are met.

To top it all, Kale Co. has financing options and rebates available. Remember, you don't need to wait for summer to install a chiller system. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us for outstanding service delivery. If you are in Illinois, you can reach us by dialing this number: 309-797-9290. For those in Iowa the number to call is 563-323-0036.

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